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An intelligent building process

All building projects seem the same: stones have to be placed on top of each other, floors poured and roofing installed. And yet, even on site, we tend to bypass the traditional approach and incorporate a handful of unique processes into our way of working. This accelerates the job, reduces the cost and increases the quality.


  • Prefab: no, your housing project is not a modular structure. It is custom-built. But we purposefully choose to use as many standard components as possible that meet all the requirements in terms of load-bearing capacity, insulation and acoustics. Because they guarantee that the residents will feel comfortable. We produce all these components ourselves, in rigorously controlled processes, and assemble them on-site. This speeds up the process and will cost you less.
  • Slim-line processes, focussing on efficiency and time gains, continuous workflows without gaps in the planning schedules, etc. Every day, we see first-hand that the LEAN principles that we apply on our construction sites have a lot of advantages. We avoid waste and maximise the added value of our efforts for you.
  • 3D-BIM - Our 3D model is much more than just a nice graphic rendition of your plans for the future and the architect’s drawings. Our model allows the consulting engineers to start calculating everything. This way, we can fine-tune your design at a very early stage - which in turn benefits your budget and timing.